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Teaching Congregations Fiscal Year 2022

Ministerial Credentialing Director, The Rev. Dr. Jonipher Kūpono Kwong


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Name of Site First Unitarian Universalist Society of Albany
Albany, NY
Address 405 Washington Ave
Albany, NY 12206  
Phone 5183664532 
Fax 5184631429 
Website http://albanyuu.org 
Site E-mail Address minister@albanyuu.org 
Size of Congregation 335 
Supervisor Name Rev. Sam Trumbore 
Supervisor Phone 5183664532 
Supervisor E-mail minister@albanyuu.org 
Informational Contact Name Jean Poppei 
Informational Contact Phone  
Informational Contact E-mail  
Focus Parish 
Fulltime/Parttime Full Time 
Compensation $1,800 / month 
Other Benefits FICA, State Disability, Paid Family Leave. 10 days paid vacation, staff holidays, $1,500 in professional expenses. Opportunity to earn additional funds by performing weddings, memorials and other services.  
Number of Months 10 
Start Date/End Date 8/15/22  6/15/23 
Site Description Albany UU is a vibrant, healthy UU congregation that is a very attractive site for an internship. The congregation is located in easy walking distance to the New York State capital building and legislative offices. It sits across the street from the University of Albany downtown campus and close to two major medical centers. The New York Capital Region is home to several top notch universities (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Union College, Skidmore, Saint Rose, and Russell Sage) and accessible to Boston and New York City. Near the Berkshires and the Adirondacks, it is a vibrant center for the arts and music that is being discovered as an affordable place to live with high quality of life. Albany UU has a long history that goes back to its founding in 1842. It has resided at this current address since our sanctuary, offices and social hall were built in 1926. In 1962 a new kitchen, modern offices and RE classrooms were added. In 2007 we added a large multipurpose space we use as our main worship space to increase our seating capacity. The congregation is blessed with abundant space for many kinds of programming that can be done concurrently. That includes a monthly Family Chapel that happens at the same time as the Sunday service. As Albany has a number of liberal and welcoming Christian Churches, the community that gathers on Sunday leans strongly in the Humanist direction yet with significant theological diversity. Rev. Sam Trumbore, who has served Albany UU since 1999, brings a strong Buddhist influence to the mix. Yet there is UU Christian, UU Jewish and UU Pagan presence and programming as well. The High Holy Days, Passover, the Equinox and Solstice, as well as Christmas Eve and Easter are part of the liturgical year that includes more modern celebrations like Homecoming Sunday and Flower Communion/Celebration. This will be the fifth internship that Rev. Trumbore has guided. The first was in 2005-6 (Becky Gunn), the second in 2009-10 (Chris Antal), the third 2017-18 (Eileen Casey-Campbell), and fourth 2019-20 (Dan Miyake). These internships were very positive experiences for Albany UU, the interns, as well as Rev. Trumbore. All interns successfully passed the MFC and have or on their way to attaining full fellowship. Strong lay involvement and leadership are part of the tradition of this congregation. Albany UU has a Pastoral Care Associate program and a strong Caring Network. Soul Matters groups and Wellspring are part of our growth and development culture. Our Religious Education program is in transition right now. Leah Purcell, our credentialed Director of Religious Education and Family Ministry retired in June 2021. We have an acting DRE, Elizabeth Baldes, and are working with Michele Grove as our interim consultant. We will be starting our newly revitalized program in the fall of 2023. Albany UU is a lead congregation as part of the five UU congregations who compose the Hudson Mohawk UU’s of New York (formerly the Capital Region UU’s of New York). This group has met for over 10 years and has put on a joint service once a year for the last ten years. Albany is a Welcoming Congregation, a Green Sanctuary, and has been active in the community as part of the Black Lives Matter movement. The congregation is actively involved in our new New York UU Justice, a UU state wide legislative advocacy network. Albany UU also has a Partner Church in Szokefalva Transylvania/Romania since 1992. Basically, Albany UU is a full service congregation that will provide ample opportunities both in the congregation and in the community for an intern to shape their program for maximum learning, growth and development.  
Job Description This Internship will provide all the opportunities the MFC requires for an internship to meet their requirements. This will include regular preaching in the congregation as well as opportunities to preach in surrounding congregations. The intern will have the opportunity to do pastoral care, lead weddings and memorial services, teach classes, and be involved in direct social service and advocacy. There will also be opportunities to take on special projects. This internship is designed to be flexible to meet both the needs of the intern for experience, growth and development and the congregation’s needs for the stimulation and sometimes challenge of a second ministerial presence in our congregation.  
Site Accessibility accessible (including pulpit) 
Application Procedure Candidates are invited to submit a resume, three references (contact info only, not letters), a written copy of one of their sermons, and a personal statement which may cover such topics as why they are interested in this internship and their future goals to Rev. Sam Trumbore, minister@albanyuu.org. Top candidates will be interviewed by phone or video chat in early-mid November. Our goal is to make a selection before Thanksgiving.  
Additional Notes If you have any questions, please contact Rev. Trumbore! He is more than happy to assist you in discerning if this internship would be right for you. 
Application Deadline October 31, 2021 
Selection Date November 15, 2021