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Name of Site Southern Oregon UU Partnership (SOUUP)
Ashland, OR
Address 87 Fourth Street
Ashland, OR 97520  
Phone 5414824755 
Fax none 
Website http://rvuuf.org 
Site E-mail Address minister@rvuuf.org 
Size of Congregation 250 
Supervisor Name Rev. Sean Parker Dennison 
Supervisor Phone 8012018607 
Supervisor E-mail minister@rvuuf.org 
Informational Contact Name Sean Dennison 
Informational Contact Phone 8012018607 
Informational Contact E-mail minister@rvuuf.org 
Focus multi-site, preaching, pastoral care 
Fulltime/Parttime Full Time 
Compensation 2340 
Other Benefits health insurance reimbursement 1000 professional expense budget pension if eligible 
Number of Months
Start Date/End Date Aug 15 2024  May 15 2025 
Site Description SOUUP can provide an Intern the opportunity to work with three distinctly different congregations: RVUUF (Ashland,OR), UUGP, (Grants Pass, OR) and UUFKC (Klamath Falls, OR). RVUUF is a long-established congregation and will serve as the base for the Intern’s supervision. UUGP and UUFKC are both smaller congregations and located, respectively, a 45 minute and a 75minute drive from RVUUF. They are distinct from RVUUF not only in their size but also in their demographics and stages of development. In 2020-2021, an internship laid the foundation for building a strong partnership among these congregations. A second intern in 2022 - 2023 made it even stronger. All three congregations are eager to continue strengthening their individual congregations and ties to one another by collaborating on an equal basis with future Interns. RVUUF is a growing congregation of 140 members and the leadership of Rev. Sean Parker Dennison, who has supervised interns throughout his 23 year ministerial career. With nearly a third of its congregation actively engaging in study and practice of anti-racism and anti-oppression, RVUUF is well on its way to becoming a community that shows up for equity, justice, and reconciliation. Again, this is a top priority for RVUUF. UUGP is a congregation of 60 members that aspires to become a significant player in justice movements in Grants Pass. It would like an Intern’s help in building on its recent success with initiatives like the Homeless Teen Backpack (First Principle) Project, the multi-faith Transgender Community Education Panel, and a Truth and Reconciliation Project. UUFKC is a congregation of about 45 members with hopes for an Intern to support lay leadership, one who thinks creatively about ways to come together as a community, and who can share knowledge of overarching UUA structure. Developing skills in social media outreach, particularly to young people, is a high-priority for this congregation. All three congregations welcome Intern assistance in cementing a vibrant, active Southern Oregon UU community. We believe that the opportunities described here are unique to the Southern Oregon UU Community and that they provide a fertile ground for innovative ways of thinking, doing, and growing in ministry. Here, Interns can start shaping the future of Unitarian Universalism in a way that addresses 21st century needs and aspirations. 
Job Description The intern will work with each of the three SOUUP congregations to determine a focus for their ministry that will benefit the intern's learning and the congregation's development. They will provide leadership in worship regularly for UUGP and UUFKC and occasionally at RVUUF. They will have the opportunity to develop the internship that will best help them grow into their call to ministry under the supervision of Rev. Dennison, who will meet with them weekly. Creating and maintaining boundaries around their time will be a significant part of that work.  
Site Accessibility Accessibility is a priority for all.  
Application Procedure Send a letter expressing interest and letting us know your particular skills and passions. You may include whatever you like to help us get to know you and your ministry. The deadline for expressing interest is Feb. 15 We expect the committee will interview all applicants and pass the most qualified on to Rev. Dennison. We will then make a joint decision. We expect to make an offer on or before March 1.  
Additional Notes All three sites are committed to accessibility in the broadest way possible. The buildings have few barriers and those that do exist will be addressed/removed in response to any needs the intern may have. We also intend to be open to many learning styles and ministerial styles, including neurodiversity. We can accommodate chronic illness and other physical issues in the way work expectations are set. We are open to interns of any or no gender, race, spiritual practice and background, etc. We hope to understand the intern's needs as soon as we can and help meet them or support the intern in getting them met. 
Application Deadline Feb 15, 2024 
Selection Date March 1, 2024