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Name of Site Church of the Larger Fellowshp
Boston, MA
Address 24 Farnsworth St
Boston, MA 02210  
Phone 617-948-6150 
Website http://clfuu.org 
Site E-mail Address clf@clfuu.org 
Size of Congregation 3000 
Supervisor Name Rev Dr Michael Tino 
Supervisor Phone (914) 645-0237 
Supervisor E-mail mtino@clfuu.org 
Informational Contact Name Jody Maloy 
Informational Contact Phone 6103578789 
Informational Contact E-mail jmalloy@clfuu.org 
Focus four different possible portfolios 
Fulltime/Parttime Part Time 
Compensation $1235/month 
Other Benefits $1000 annual stipend that may be put towards the cost of health insurance. paid time off  
Number of Months 24 
Start Date/End Date 7/1/24  6/30/26 
Site Description The Church of the Larger Fellowship is a congregation without walls or borders. We meet our 3,000 members through mail, phone, email, and social media. We like to say that our congregation is “always in beta,” meaning that we encourage experimentation and creativity and have a deep well of grace when things do not work as intended. Our staff members and learning fellows are not geographically bound. This is work from home position. CLF membership includes over 1,800 incarcerated Unitarian Universalists, whose interaction with our congregation is constricted by the dehumanizing systems of incarceration. For more information, visit clfuu.org, worship with us (clfuu.org/cometoworship), and/or join our Mighty Networks-based community network (community.clfuu.org).  
Job Description The CLF Learning Fellow program is an innovative learning program in a unique congregation. It is a two-year fellowship with a collaborative ministry team, structured as an internship with opportunities for theological reflection and creativity. It is geared towards, but not limited to, religious professionals. Learning Fellows who are candidates for ministerial fellowship may apply to have one year of their fellowship be your MFC-required internship. If this is the case for you, please let us know this in your cover letter, and describe how your call to the ministry aligns with the mission and ministries of CLF and why you would like to do your internship with CLF. CLF Learning Fellows have one of four portfolios based on skills, gifts, interests, and learning needs. Portfolios are assigned annually in consultation with the Lead Ministry Team. Each Learning Fellow will gain basic competency in each of the four portfolios over the course of their two-year fellowship. All Learning Fellows will attend a biweekly theological reflection gathering, a monthly staff meeting, and a monthly caucus meeting for either white or BIPOC staff. All Learning Fellows will be invited to participate in our weekly worship services as schedules and interests permit, and invited to lead at least two worship services per year. Learning fellows will be expected to teach and learn together. In 2024, we are seeking at least two learning fellows, whose portfolios will be decided based on skills, gifts, interests, and congregational need. Please indicate in your cover letter which portfolio(s) you are most interested in taking on and let us know why. The portfolios include: Worship The worship learning fellow will share responsibility for coordinating our worship team. They will also have regular roles in online Sunday worship (8pm Eastern), coordinate non-Sunday worship offerings and our online worship library, and lead us in thinking about innovations in worship. This learning fellow should be skilled in video production and facile with new computer technology. Experience creating and producing live video feeds in Wirecast, OBS, or similar programs is a plus. Pastoral Care The pastoral care learning fellow will provide pastoral care to our members. They will be the first line of response to our Google Voice phone and text, and our pastoral care email line. They will coordinate direct support to our Facebook group moderators, and work with our Prison Ministry team to help provide care to our incarcerated members. This learning fellow should be skilled in pastoral care and project management. Worthy Now Prison Ministry The prison ministry learning fellow will work with our Worthy Now prison ministry team to offer continuing education, pastoral care, and connection opportunities to our incarcerated members. They will assist as needed with our pen pal program and with offering educational opportunities to UUs elsewhere about prison ministry and prison abolition. This learning fellow should be skilled in distance education and written communication. Community Life The community life learning fellow will have primary responsibility for developing community relationships and programs on our Mighty Networks-based CLF Community Network and coordinating our small group ministry programs (covenant groups). They will provide direct support and training to group leaders and work with our Outreach Manager to help connect people to our community. This learning fellow should be skilled in small group ministry and social media.  
Site Accessibility We work remotely 
Application Procedure Please send a cover letter indicating which portfolio(s) you are most interested in (and why), your resume, contact information for three references, and a sample sermon or other original worship element (sermon video preferred), to Jody Malloy, Executive Director, at jmalloy@clfuu.org. Please put "Learning Fellow" in the subject of your email. Applications received by March 15 will be given priority.  
Additional Notes Skills and Qualifications: Ability to work independently and in a collaborative environment. Ability to maintain clear and consistent boundaries, including time management skills. Technical proficiency with online communication. We use Planning Center Online (PCO) and Slack, as well as various other programs for communication and community. We produce worship in Wirecast. A passion for Unitarian Universalism and a dedication to a liberatory UU practice that seeks to dismantle kyriarchy and build a world of radical equality. A commitment to the ethical obligations of a community of UU religious professionals (UUMA, LREDA, UUSCM, for examples).  
Application Deadline priority to apps received 
Selection Date 4/30