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Teaching Congregations Fiscal Year 2022

Ministerial Credentialing Director, The Rev. Dr. Jonipher Kūpono Kwong


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Name of Site Unitarian Universalist Church in Eugene
Eugene, OR
Address 1685 W. 13th
Eugene, OR 97402  
Phone (541) 686-2775 
Website http://www.uueugene.org 
Site E-mail Address office@uueugene.org 
Size of Congregation 300 
Supervisor Name Rev. Jen Youngsun Ryu 
Supervisor Phone (541) 686-2775 
Supervisor E-mail minister@uueugene.org 
Informational Contact Name Rev. Jen Youngsun Ryu 
Informational Contact Phone (541) 686-2775 
Informational Contact E-mail minister@uueugene.org 
Focus Urban, Program-size Parish Ministry 
Fulltime/Parttime Full Time 
Compensation $2,000 / month 
Other Benefits All state & federal mandated benefits plus vacation (10 days) , sick (12 days), holidays (11 days), & parental leave (4 wks). We also offer $2,000 in professional expenses.  
Number of Months 10 
Start Date/End Date 8/15/2022  6/15/2023 
Site Description UUCE was founded over 112 years ago and has seen its share of growth and challenge. Rev. Ryu is their 18th called minister after eight years of interims, and she is their first minister of color (A/PI). In 2012, the congregation sold their small church in the wooded hills and moved into their current space closer to the center of the city. We are an Urban Church, but have not yet embraced what that could mean for us. UUCE has had several ministeral interns in the past, and takes great pride in its identity as a teaching congregation. It was easy to gather the internship committee--everyone was eager to volunteer for this role. One of our challenges concerns shifting the culture around social justice from individual projects to collaborative, interdependent acts that link to both spiritual practice and community partners. There is also considerable work being done in the areas of governance and leadership development. Rev. Ryu has always wanted to be an internship supervisor, and this will be her first opportunity since starting her ministry career in 2006. Her own internship experience was so impactful that she changed her path from community to parish ministry after her time with Rev. Dave Sammons at the Mt. Diablo UU Church. She has strong skills (from a prior life) in the business/executive functions of a minister's job. She is naturally collaborative and pastoral in style. Prior to coming to Eugene, she served as a Board Certified Chaplain, specializing in oncology care. UUCE is the only UU congregation within 1 hour of the city. The ministerial cluster includes Corvallis, Bend, and Ashland. The staff are intensive users of technology, so the ability to use workforce apps will be helpful. 
Job Description The Ministerial Intern will be exposed to every aspect of parish ministry and will be able to design an internship that meets their specific needs and interests. This church is accustomed to welcoming the intern's creative ideas in worship, classes, small groups, justice action, and prophetic witness.  
Site Accessibility Fully Accessible facility. 
Application Procedure Please send your resume and cover letter, names & contact info of 3 references, and a video of a recent sermon. Email directly to Rev. Jen Youngsun Ryu, minister@uueugene.org.  
Additional Notes Thank you for considering the UU Church in Eugene!  
Application Deadline 12/31/2021 
Selection Date 2/4/2022