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Opportunities for Ministry

Below are listed all UUA congregations in which a ministry position is in some stage of transition, according to information received by the Transitions Office. Ministers may find the list of those congregations now actively seeking to fill a ministry position, together with links to their Congregational Records, by entering the UUA Settlement System.

The S&H code of a congregation which does not meet the UUA-recommended benefits and expenses will receive an asterisk. Criteria for qualification are listed in the Compensation (PDF) section of the Settlement Handbook.

Contact the Transitions Office at, the Rev. Keith Kron, Ministerial Transitions Director 617/948-6409.

Symbol Meaning
+ committee has received names
X committee has selected a candidate
# no more names wanted
@ contact District Executive
% multi-denominational
& not in UUA


Recommended Salary

I. Small (under 150 members)


II. Midsize I (150-249 members)


III. Midsize II (250-349)


IV. Midsize III (350-499)


V. Large I (500-749)


VI. Large II (750 and over)


Note: "S" indicates S & H less than UUA-recommended minimum for the geographic area, "P" indicates part-time ministry offered, and an "*" next to any letter indicates that the recommended benefits and professional expenses are not being offered.


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Assistant/Second (Contract or Settled)

City and StateCongregationS&H (if known)Percent of TimeCurrent Interim or (newly Settled Minister)Date Open
X San Diego, CAFirst UU Church of San Diego FullMinister of Music and Worship Arts; For the full job description, please visit 2015
Kent, OHUU Church of Kent, Ohio 75%Assistant Minister for Lifespan Faith Development, start date negotiable. For more information, contact Melissa at mcarvillziemer@uuma.orgJuly 2015
X Santa Barbara, CAUnitarian Society of Santa Barbara Full(Julia Hamilton)August 2015
X Geneva, ILUnitarian Universalist Society of GenevaCFullSeeking Assistant MinisterAugust 2015
Wellesley Hills, MAUU Society of Welllesley Hills FullAssistant Minister for Lifespan Faith Development Programming. For more information, see and contact Rev. Sarah Ascher sascher@uuwellesley.orgAugust 2015
Rockville, MDUU Church of Rockville 50%Assistant Ministry - For more information see 2015
X Raleigh, NCUU Fellowship of RaleighEFull August 2015
2nd Rnd Seattle, WAUniversity Unitarian ChurchEFull(Matt Cockrum)August 2015
Brookfield, WIUnitarian Universalist Church WestP50%For more information see congregational record and contact Rev. Suzelle Lynch at rev.lynch@uucw.orgAugust 2015
Atlanta, GAUU Congregation of Atlanta, AssistantEFullJane ThickstunAugust 2016


City and StateCongregationS&H (if known)Percent of TimeCurrent Interim or (newly Settled Minister)Date Open
Berkeley, CAStarr King School for the Ministry FullSeeking Vice President for Advancement - For more information see Application deadline May 11, 2015May 15, 2015
Grand Haven, MIC3Exchange TBDSeeking a part-time leader for an inclusive spiritual community. For more information see 2015
Boston, MAChurch of the Larger Fellowship (CLF) FullSeeking Executive Director - for more information see // 2, 2015
Annapolis, MDUS Naval Academy FullSeeking a Chaplain. Complete information can be found at: The application period will end on January 6, 2015 


City and StateCongregationS&H (if known)Percent of TimeCurrent Interim or (newly Settled Minister)Date Open
Brooklyn, NYBrooklyn Society for Ethical Culture 50%For more information please see 2015
Monson, MAUU Parish of Monson 33%1/3 or 1/4 time contract ministry For more information contact Mary Gelezunas at mary_gel@yahoo.comJuly 2015
Raleigh, NCUU Peace Fellowship 25% July 2015
Greeley, COUU Church of Greeley 50%For more information contact Hollis Berendt at hollisbeth28@gmail.comAugust 2015
Lakeland, FLUU Congregation of Lakeland FullJanet Onnie; please contact Transitions Office @ for more information (and see CR in settlement system)August 2015
Tarpon Springs, FLUU Church of Tarpon Springs3/475%For more information, please see congregational recordAugust 2015
Quincy, ILUnitarian Church of Quincy 50%Please see congregational record and contact Lisa Presley ( for more informationAugust 2015
Danvers, MANorthshore UU Church 50%To access the recruiting package for Half-Time Contract Minister, email See our Congregational Record.August 2015
Finksburg, MDCedarhurst Unitarian Universalists 50%Bruce MarshallAugust 2015
St. Cloud, MNSt. Cloud UU Fellowship 50%3 years - For more information see congregational record. Also contact Lisa Presley and see 2015
Durham, NCEno River UU Fellowship FullSeeking Director or Minister of Programs for Children. For more information // and click on Now HiringAugust 2015
X Kitty Hawk, NCUU Congregation of the Outer Banks 50%For more information please see congregational record and contact Douglas Kent Zimmerman at zimmerdk@jmu.eduAugust 2015
@ Southold, NYFirst Universalist Church of Southold 50%For more information, see Congregational Record and contact District Executive Andrea Lerner at alerner@uua.orgAugust 2015
Bellville, OHAll Souls UU Church 25%For more information, contact Art O'Leary at ao52@neo.rr.comAugust 2015
Pottstown, PAUnitarian Universalist Fellowship of PottstownP25%inquiries to Linda Pallay, lin.pal@comcast.netAugust 2015
Kerrville, TXUU Church of the Hill Country TBDFor more information call Ellen Jackson at (830) 895-4148 or (830) 357-1234 or email Bob Lentner. 1/2 to 3/4 time position 2015
Woodinville, WAWoodinville UU Church 80%Director of Lifelong Learning - For more information, see 2015
X Laramie, WYUnitarian Universalist Fellowship of Laramie 50%For more information, please see congregational recordAugust 2015
Oakland, CAFirst Unitarian Church of Oakland 50%For more information please see 15, 2015
Concord, MAFirst Parish in Concord FullDirector of Religious Education/ Minister of Religious Education (January 3, 2015 through June 30, 2015.) Contact Rev. Howard Dana See 15, 2015
X St. Augustine, FLUU Fellowship of St. Augustine, Inc 50%For more information, contact Beverly Cree ( Deadline for application is 2/28/2015.September 2015
Franklin, NHUU Congregation of Franklin 25%For more information, please contact Joel Anderson at andtuch@gmail.comSeptember 2015
Aiken, SCAiken Unitarian Universalist ChurchP50%For more information see and contact Julie Evonna julieevonna@gmail.comSeptember 2015
Spartanburg, SCUU Church of Spartanburg Full September 2015
X Pasco, WACommunity UU Church 50%For more information, contact the Rev. Sarah Schurr (, PNWD Ministerial Transitions TeamSeptember 2015
Kamloops, BCUU Fellowship of Kamloops 25%Ministry may be combined with Unitarian Fellowship of Kelowna, BC; for more information, contact Barbara Bowmar and Janet Kusler janetkusler@gmail.comTBD
Kelowna, BCUnitarian Fellowship of Kelowna 25%Ministry may be combined with UU Fellowship of Kamloops, BC; for more information, see // and contact the UFK Search Committee at Unitarian@telus.netTBD
New Bern, NCUU Fellowship of New Bern 50%For more information contact Sam Love at email: Minister@uufnb.orgTBD


City and StateCongregationS&H (if known)Percent of TimeCurrent Interim or (newly Settled Minister)Date Open
X Ellensburg, WAKittitas Valley UU CongregationP25%For more information, contact the Rev. Sarah Schurr (, PNWD Ministerial Transitions Team.January 2015
Bridgehampton, NYUU Congregation of the South Fork 75%Nancy ArnoldFebruary 2015
Austin, TXWildflower Church Full February 2015
Laguna Beach, CAUU Fellowship of Laguna Beach 50%Donald CameronAugust 2015
North Hills, CASepulveda Unitarian Universalist Society Full August 2015
Wilmington, DEFirst Unitarian Church of Wilmington Full August 2015
Manhattan, KSUU Fellowship of Manhattan Full August 2015
Las Vegas, NVUnitarian Universalist Congregation of Las Vegas FullIan Riddell, developmentalAugust 2015
Williamsville, NYUU Church of Amherst Full August 2015
College Station, TXUU Church of the Brazos Valley FullSam SchaalAugust 2015
Norfolk, VAUnitarian Church of Norfolk Full August 2015
Barre, VTFirst Church Universalist of Barre Full August 2015
West Brattleboro, VTAll Souls UU Church 50%Ann WilleverAugust 2015


City and StateCongregationS&H (if known)Percent of TimeCurrent Interim or (newly Settled Minister)Date Open
Cherry Hill, NJUU Church in Cherry Hill Full24 monthsSeptember 2013
West Vancouver, BCNorth Shore Unitarian Church Full12 - 24 monthsAugust 2015
Solana Beach, CAUU Fellowship of San Dieguito Full24 monthsAugust 2015
Ventura, CAUU Church of Ventura Full12 monthsAugust 2015
Carbondale, COTwo Rivers Unitarian Universalists 75%12 - 24 monthsAugust 2015
Fort Collins, COFoothills Unitarian Church Full12 monthsAugust 2015
West Hartford, CTThe Universalist Church of West Hartford Full24 monthsAugust 2015
Lewes, DEUU Society of Southern Delaware Full24 monthsAugust 2015
Miami, FLUU Congregation of Miami Full12 monthsAugust 2015
Decatur, ILUU Fellowship of Decatur Full August 2015
Urbana, ILUU Church of Urbana-Champaign, Illinois Full24 monthsAugust 2015
Columbus, INUU Congregation of Columbus Full24 monthsAugust 2015
Grafton, MAUU Society of Grafton and Upton Full12 monthsAugust 2015
Harvard, MAHarvard UU Church Full24 monthsAugust 2015
Lexington, MAFirst Parish of Lexington Full12 monthsAugust 2015
Littleton, MAFirst Church Unitarian Littleton Full24 monthsAugust 2015
Malden, MAFirst Parish in Malden, Universalist Full24 monthsAugust 2015
Reading, MAUU Church of Reading Full24 monthsAugust 2015
Wakefield, MAFirst Univerisalist Society of Wakefield 50%For more information contact Joe Cresta, President, at j7cresta@comcast.netAugust 2015
Winnipeg, MBFirst UU Church of Winnipeg Full24 monthsAugust 2015
Adelphi, MDPaint Branch UU Congregation Full24 monthsAugust 2015
Bethesda, MDCedar Lane UU Church FullInterim Minister of Congregational Life & Social Justice, 1 year with option for a secondAugust 2015
Camp Springs, MDDavies Memorial Unitarian Universalist Church 75%24 monthsAugust 2015
Castine, MEUU Congregation of Castine Full12 monthsAugust 2015
Ann Arbor, MIFirst UU Congregation FullAssistant Interim for 12 monthsAugust 2015
Detroit, MIFirst U-U Church of Detroit 50%24 monthsAugust 2015
Portage, MIUU Community Church of Southwest Michigan 75%24 monthsAugust 2015
Mankato, MNUU Fellowship of Mankato Full24 monthsAugust 2015
Rochester, MNFirst Unitarian Universalist Church Full24 monthsAugust 2015
Ellisville, MOEmerson UU Chapel Full24 monthsAugust 2015
Brevard, NCUUs of Transylvania County Full24 monthsAugust 2015
Lincoln, NEUnitarian Church of Lincoln Full24 monthsAugust 2015
Montclair, NJUU Congregation at Montclair Full24 monthsAugust 2015
Ridgewood, NJUnitarian Society of Ridgewood Full24 monthsAugust 2015
Ithaca, NYFirst Unitarian Society of Ithaca Full24 monthsAugust 2015
Columbus, OHFirst UU Church of Columbus Full24 monthsAugust 2015
Kingston, ONTKingston Unitarian Fellowship Full24 monthsAugust 2015
Erie, PAUU Congregation of Erie 50%Full time ministry shared with Meadville PA for 24 monthsAugust 2015
Harrisburg, PAUnitarian Church of Harrisburg Full12 monthsAugust 2015
Meadville, PAUU Church of Meadville 50%Full time ministry shared with Erie PA for 24 monthsAugust 2015
Media, PAUU Church of Delaware County FullInterim Director Of Lifespan Religious Education. For more information 2015
State College, PAUU Fellowship of Centre County Full24 monthsAugust 2015
York, PAUU Congregation of York Full24 monthsAugust 2015
Providence, RIFirst Unitarian Church Full12 monthsAugust 2015
Columbia, SCUU of Columbia SC Full18 monthsAugust 2015
Memphis, TNFirst Unitarian Church of Memphis (River) Full12 - 24 monthsAugust 2015
Corpus Christi, TXUU Church of Corpus Christi Full12 monthsAugust 2015
Midland, TXUU Church of Midland Full24 monthsAugust 2015
The Woodlands, TXNorthwoods UU Church Full24 monthsAugust 2015
Stephens City, VAUU Church of Shenandoah Valley Full24 monthsAugust 2015
Williamsburg, VAWIlliamsburg Unitarian Universalists Full24 monthsAugust 2015
Woodstock, VTNorth Universalist Chapel Society Full24 monthsAugust 2015
Vancouver, WAUU Church of Vancouver Full24 monthsAugust 2015
West Seattle, WAWestside Unitarian Universalist Congregation Full24 monthsAugust 2015
Appleton, WIFox Valley UU Fellowship Full24 monthsAugust 2015
Rancho Palos Verdes, CAPacific Unitarian Church 75%24 monthsSeptember 2015
Ormond Beach, FLUnitarian Universalists Daytona Beach FullCraig RoshavenSeptember 2015
Honolulu, HIFirst Unitarian Church of Honolulu Full September 2015
Falmouth, MAUU Fellowship Full18 - 24 monthsSeptember 2015
Cambridge, MAFirst Parish in Cambridge, Unitarian Universalist Full24 monthsSeptember 28, 2015


City and StateCongregationS&H (if known)Percent of TimeCurrent Interim or (newly Settled Minister)Date Open
Pasadena, CANeighborhood UU Church of Pasadena Full(Lissa Gundlach)February 2015
X Fairbanks, AKUU Fellowship of FairbanksP75%Tracy SpringberryAugust 2015
X Little Rock, ARUU Church of Little RockBFullJennie BarringtonAugust 2015
X Prescott, AZGranite Peak UU CongregationBFullJacqueline ZieglerAugust 2015
2nd Rnd Carmel, CAUU Church of the Monterey PeninsulaCFullDennis HamiltonAugust 2015
X Chico, CAUU Fellowship in Chico*75% August 2015
X Fresno, CAUU Church of FresnoDFullSofia BetencourtAugust 2015
X La Crescenta, CAUU Church of the Verdugo HillsAFull August 2015
X Boulder, COUnitarian Universalist Church of BoulderCFullHowell Lind ( as Developmental Minister)August 2015
X Hamden, CTUnitarian Society of New HavenDFullEmily Melcher/Fritz HudsonAugust 2015
X Westport, CTThe Unitarian Church in WestportFFullRoberta FinkelsteinAugust 2015
X Clearwater, FLUUs of ClearwaterCFullAnthony JohnsonAugust 2015
X Tampa, FLUU ChurchBFullDoak MansfieldAugust 2015
X Boise, IDBoise UU FellowshipCFullDana WorsnopAugust 2015
2nd Rnd Elgin, ILUU Church of ElginAFullLise Adams SherryAugust 2015
X Lexington, KYUU Church of Lexington KYCFullGretchen WoodsAugust 2015
X Gloucester, MAGloucester UU ChurchP75%Jenny RankinAugust 2015
X Hopedale, MAHopedale Unitarian ParishAFullBeverly WaringAugust 2015
X Lincoln, MAFirst Parish ChurchDFullJohn NicholsAugust 2015
X Norwell, MAFirst Parish Norwell UUBFullLeonard DeRocheAugust 2015
X Westborough, MAUU Congregational Society of WestboroughAFullJ. Mark WorthAugust 2015
X Winchester, MAWinchester Unitarian SocietyDFullTrica Brennan and Cricket PotterAugust 2015
X Houghton, MIKeweenaw UU FellowshipAFull August 2015
X Kalamazoo, MIPeople's ChurchAFullPam Allen-Thompson/Dave Johnson (KS)August 2015
X Nashua, NHUU Church of NashuaCFullOlivia Holmes/Janet NewmanAugust 2015
X Buffalo, NYUU Church of BuffaloDFullMary Hnottavange-Telleen, AIMAugust 2015
X Dayton, OHMiami Valley UU FellowshipBFullMary MooreAugust 2015
X Oregon City, ORAtkinson Memorial ChurchBFullCraig MoroAugust 2015
X Devon, PAMain Line Unitarian ChurchEFullEvan KeelyAugust 2015
X Nashville, TNGreater Nashville UU CongregationAFullRachel LonbergAugust 2015
X San Antonio, TXFirst UU Church of San AntonioDFullMaureen KilloranAugust 2015
X Fredericksburg, VAUnitarian Universalist Fellowship of FredericksburgBFullWalter Braman (part-time, contract)August 2015
X Oakton, VAUU Congregation of FairfaxFFullJennifer BrooksAugust 2015
X Roanoke, VAUU Church of RoanokeBFullDavid Owen-O'QuillAugust 2015
X Waynesboro, VAUU Fellowship of WaynesboroBFullAlex RichardsonAugust 2015
X Montpelier, VTUnitarian Church of MontpelierBFullSteve EdingtonAugust 2015
Flagstaff, AZBeacon Unitarian Universalist Fellowship FullJoanne GianninoAugust 2016
Berkeley, CAUU Church of Berkeley FullGreg WardAugust 2016
Canoga Park, CAEmerson UU Church FullMike YoungAugust 2016
Fullerton, CAUU Church in Fullerton FullSteve FurrerAugust 2016
Grass Valley, CAUU Community of the Mountains FullDavid UsherAugust 2016
Hayward, CAStarr King UU Church FullJoy AtkinsonAugust 2016
Madison, CTShoreline UU Society FullLyn OglesbyAugust 2016
Roswell, GAUU Metro Atlanta North FullCynthia PrescottAugust 2016
Cedar Rapids, IAThe Peoples Church UU FullJeff BriereAugust 2016
Sioux City, IAFirst Unitarian Church of Sioux City 50%Full time ministry shared with Sioux Falls, SDAugust 2016
Alton, ILFirst Unitarian Church FullSunshine WolfeAugust 2016
Chicago, ILThird Unitarian Church of Chicago FullJennifer NordstromAugust 2016
Deerfield, ILNorth Shore Unitarian Church FullMarlene WalkerAugust 2016
Bloomington, INUU Church of Bloomington Inc FullDoug WadkinsAugust 2016
Lenexa, KSShawnee Mission UU Church FullBenjamin MaucereAugust 2016
Fairhaven, MAUnitarian Memorial Church FullBob McKetchnieAugust 2016
Milton, MAFirst Parish Milton FullHank PeirceAugust 2016
Northboro, MAFirst Parish Church UU FullAnita Farber-RobertsonAugust 2016
Stoughton, MAFirst Parish Universalist FullStephen CookAugust 2016
Bangor, MEUU Society FullArt VaeniAugust 2016
Farmington Hills, MIUU Church of Farmington FullLeonetta BugleisiAugust 2016
Fridley, MNMichael Servetus Unitarian Society FullKaren GustafsonAugust 2016
Omaha, NE2nd Unitarian FullFrieda GillespieAugust 2016
Peterborough, NHPeterborough UU Church FullShayna Appel and Olivia HolmesAugust 2016
Plymouth, NHStarr King UU Fellowship FullJudith Smith-ValleyAugust 2016
Tamworth, NHUU Fellowship of the Eastern Slopes 75%David ChandlerAugust 2016
Baptistown, NJFirst UU Fellowship of Hunterdon County FullLarry SmithAugust 2016
East Brunswick, NJThe Unitarian Society of East Brunswick FullCarol Cissel ThomasAugust 2016
Galloway, NJUU Congregation of the South Jersey Shore 75%Cynthia CainAugust 2016
Summit, NJUnitarian Church in Summit FullTerry SweetserAugust 2016
Canton, NYUU Church of Canton FullJoel MillerAugust 2016
New York City, NYFourth Universalist Society FullSusan MilnorAugust 2016
Schenectady, NYUU Society FullMargret O'NeallAugust 2016
Philadelphia, PAFirst Unitarian Church of Philadelphia FullSusan RakAugust 2016
West Chester, PAUnitarian Fellowship of West Chester FullBill ZelaznyAugust 2016
Peace Dale, RIUU Congregation of South County 75%Jan KnostAugust 2016
Beaufort, SCUU Fellowship of Beaufort FullKevin TarsaAugust 2016
Sioux Falls, SDAll Souls Church UU 50%Full time ministry shared with Sioux City, IA.August 2016
Carrollton, TXHorizon UU Church FullHelen CarrollAugust 2016
Fort Worth, TXWestside UU Church FullAlex HoltAugust 2016
Ogden, UTUU Church of Ogden FullShelley PageAugust 2016
Reston, VAThe UU Church in Reston FullBarbara CoeymanAugust 2016
Olympia, WAOlympia UU Congregation FullEmily MelcherAugust 2016
Kenosha, WIBradford Community Church UU FullLillie Mae HenleyAugust 2016
Milwaukee, WIFirst Unitarian Society of Milwaukee FullElaine PeresluhaAugust 2016
Charleston, WVUU Congregation of Charleston FullTricia HartAugust 20, 2016
Jamaica Plain, MAFirst Church in Jamaica Plain UU FullTracey Robinson-HarrisAugust 2017
Wausau, WIFirst UU Church of Wausau FullLaurie BushbaumAugust 2017

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For general information about international settlement opportunities contact Keith Kron, and for a letter of good standing required to be on recommended lists for international positions, contact Sarah Lammert.

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