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Name of Site First Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Ann Arbor, Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI
Address 4001 Ann Arbor Saline Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48103  
Phone 734-665-6158 
Fax 734-665-7895 
Site E-mail Address 
Size of Congregation 632 
Supervisor Name Rev. Manish Mishra-Marzetti, Senior Minister 
Supervisor Phone 734-665-8508 
Supervisor E-mail 
Informational Contact Name Ed Lynn, Administrator 
Informational Contact Phone 734-665-6158 
Informational Contact E-mail 
Focus Parish Ministry 
Fulltime/Parttime Full Time 
Compensation $2500/mo for 11 mo 
Other Benefits Allotments toward health care, moving expenses, and/or professional expenses are possible. Since the needs of different candidates are different, the specific level of benefits will be negotiable with our ideal candidate. 
Number of Months 11 
Start Date/End Date 08/15/2020  07/15/2021 
Site Description Ann Arbor, Michigan is a vibrant, fun, and racially and economically diverse university town, with one of our denomination's most innovative congregations. The First Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Ann Arbor (UUAA) is proactively engaged in re-shaping and transforming how leadership, voice, and authority are embodied - ongoing, core work that supports us in dismantling previously unrecognized patterns of oppression and supremacy. This is brought alive through two of our core commitments: a) genuine staff and lay empowerment, as we mutually share and support the work of building community together (‘shared leadership’) and, b) the recognition that everyone has gifts to share in community, the sharing of which is supported by a flattening of traditional hierarchies (‘collaborative leadership’). We are also actively visioning how our community recognizes and responds to the many unique challenges of our time. We are modeling and building a new way, for Unitarian Universalism and for ourselves, and there is broad consensus and support for such. We have one the largest percentages of Gen X and Millennial congregants within Unitarian Universalism, beyond which we also have 300+ children and teens (who are not included in our official adult membership number of 632). This generational diversity helps fuel our congregation’s dynamism, which can be tangibly experienced on Sunday mornings, embodied in two – quite full – Sunday services during the congregational year. (500+ people routinely come through our doors on Sunday mornings.) UUAA is a nationally recognized leader in our movement, with our senior staff holding significant leadership, responsibilities, and/or relationships within the UUA, LREDA, AUUMM, DRUUMM, and BLUU. Are you the right minister to train and learn with us, adding your own unique insight and gifts to ours? What might you add and contribute to all the beautiful work that is already underway…? 
Job Description This position may be structured as one-year full time, or two years part time (with an appropriate proration of stipend and benefits), depending on what our ideal candidate finds most useful. Because each intern minister is unique, our first and foremost responsibility will be to help prepare you for a successful meeting with the MFC and sustained career success beyond that. This means ensuring that you gain broad exposure with all key areas of ministry, particularly those where you need additional growth or experience. Through conversation and dialogue, Rev. Manish and our ideal candidate will craft a learning plan that meets this primary goal. We anticipate that such a plan will include: regular, weekly collaborative participation in planning and leading elements of our Sunday Services; ongoing and regular opportunities to preach on Sunday mornings (commensurate with a congregation of our size/scope, on average once every 6 weeks or so); monthly attendance at our Board of Trustees meetings; monthly participation in our Pastoral Care Committee meetings; participation in weekly staff meetings; engaged participation in weekly supervision/reflection/feedback; and meetings with other lay groups/committees, as deemed useful and appropriate. Beyond that, we are interested in what gifts and passions you bring, and how serving-learning with us might be an opportunity to bring those gifts alive. What potential do you see for synergy? 
Site Accessibility Our building is newer and we are ADA compliant. 
Application Procedure Step 1: Learn about our community and our highly talented staff team online and engage in your own initial discernment, as to whether UUAA is the right fit for you. Step 2: Having done step 1, if you feel excited about being with us, please then do the following: send us a strong, personalized letter of interest, one that clearly articulates why you are excited about potentially learning-serving at UUAA; include with this letter your CV, including in it all prior ministries/field ed placements/internships/CPE/etc; if you have video samples of your preaching (YouTube, etc), please provide us links to such. In the absence of videos of you preaching, you may provide paper/electronic sermon copies (though this is less desirable). The submission of a generic, non-spell-checked, or non-specific letter of interest – one that conveys that you have not taken the time to reflect on who our community is and why you might be a good fit here – will move you to the bottom of those applicants being considered. Please clearly indicate in your letter of interest whether you are interested in serving for one-year full time or two years part time. Please address all materials to: Mr. Ed Lynn, Administrator, UUAA and email them to: Step 3: Upon review of your initial submission, strong applicants will be invited to participate in a one-on-one interview with Rev. Manish, via Zoom. Step 4: Finalists for the position will be invited to a second/final interview, via Zoom, one that includes Rev. Manish and significant lay leaders from our community. All finalists for the position will be invited to share (confidentially with Rev. Manish) existing ministerial reviews or assessments, as a way of helping him more deeply understand your ministerial gifts and learning needs. 
Additional Notes Our intern minister will report directly to, and be mentored by, Senior Minister Manish Mishra-Marzetti. Mentoring is a deeply personal and an ongoing commitment, one that extends beyond the formal time of an internship. It is a relationship that requires trust, openness, and humility – from all involved. As such, both ministers’ desire and sense of joy at the prospect of working with one another matters. We recommend that strongly motivated applicants listen to a broad selection of our Sunday Services (available online, at and learn more about Rev. Manish’s background and experience, as a way of assessing their own level of interest in being at UUAA and stepping into the style/approach to ministry that is uniquely us. Our ideal candidate will be able to articulate, with love and joy, why UUAA is the right learning-growing-ministry context for them. 
Application Deadline Open until filled 
Selection Date 01/30/2020 or sooner 

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