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Name of Site First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa & Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Ottawa
Ottawa, ON
Address First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa
30 Cleary Avenue
Ottawa, ON K2A 4A1  
Phone 1-613-725-1066 
Fax 1-613 725-3259 
Website & 
Site E-mail Address 
Size of Congregation 380 
Supervisor Name Rev. Patricia Guthmann Haresch 
Supervisor Phone 1-613-725-1066 
Supervisor E-mail 
Informational Contact Name Rev. Patricia Guthmann Haresch 
Informational Contact Phone 1-613-725-1066 
Informational Contact E-mail 
Focus Parisih Ministry 
Fulltime/Parttime Full Time 
Compensation $1895 USD $2500 CDN 
Other Benefits 4% paid vacation Professional expenses up to 10% of stipend Opportunity to earn additional funds by officiating at rites of passage Negotiable: Phone plan; mileage or bus pass; supplemental health benefits  
Number of Months 10 
Start Date/End Date September 2020  June 2021 
Site Description This will be a unique internship opportunity involving two quite different sites in Ottawa, ON. First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa (First U) is one of the largest UU congregations in Canada established in 1898, with about 285 active members as well as many non-member participants. Our building is beautifully situated on a six-acre campus beside the Ottawa River, shared with a seniors' residence and daycare centre founded by First U members. We rent space to a Reconstructionist Jewish Congregation and several small NGOs with similar values. After the 2016 retirement of a long term minister and two years of interim ministry, we currently are in developmental ministry looking to engage a settled minister in Fall 2021. Our ordained professional staff includes a developmental minister, as well as a spiritual care visitor and a community minister engaged in addiction recovery. The professional staff are supported by a worship associates team, three lay chaplains and a caring network as well as office staff. We have a half-time music director and a strong music program with three choirs. We have a part-time religious exploration director who is re-building the RE program after a decline in attendance. The congregation operates on a modified policy-based governance model and is beginning to explore a Shared Ministry model as well. Beside a number of interest groups from knitting to meditation and an adult learning program, we have a large social responsibility program with a lay coordinator and several working groups focusing on topics from Indigenous Relations to Poverty to Global Affairs and more. The congregation is well known in Ottawa for its refugee work. We just ended a 3 year congregational focus on the Awareness of Indigenous Issues and our current congregational focus for the next four years is on Environment Issues Related to Climate Change. This past year we established an Embracing Diversity Committee with its first focus being renewal of our Welcoming Congregation status. First U is also in the midst of considering development of its campus. Based on a 2017 survey, theologically, we have a strong humanist orientation with elements of naturalistic theism, and mysticism. The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Ottawa (UUFO) is located in a diverse neighbourhood “within our city of trees and tulips.” You will like it here. Our 20-year history reveals resilience and creativity. We became lay-led in 2010; hired our first interim minister in 2011; purchased a building in 2013, establishing a partnership with Heartwood House, a not-for-profit that provides affordable rents to 18 community agencies; in 2016, we added monthly services in French, thereby enriching us all. Quietly grounded in UU ritual and intuition, our weekly services vary in both content and style; we even surprise ourselves! Our volunteer muscle has proven to be strong and generous. UUFO offers: religious exploration for children; adult workshops focused on spiritual growth; a bi-weekly meditation group; social justice initiatives, many geared to our own education and actions regarding First Nations peoples; a monthly writing group; an organic garden project; a women's group; and a happily unstructured collection of musicians. More informally we have regular movie outings, monthly pub nights, lunches, where, as somebody mentioned at our recent Engagement Sunday, we discuss sex, religion, politics, and all and sundry in between. Our finances are in order, our heads struggle mightily with local and world problems, our hearts move in the right direction - - towards more compassion. And importantly, we manage to enjoy all we do together. Come and have fun with us.  
Job Description This internship will provide an excellent opportunity for an intern to experience working with both a smaller and mid-size congregation. We foresee the time being split with about 70% spent with First U and the remainder of time with UUFO. The intern will have opportunities to lead and assist with worship at both sites and work with each congregation's worship teams, officiate rites of passage as possible, assist with pastoral care, conduct workshops and/or adult learning programs on various topics, attend governance, stewardship, financial, and program meetings. Also, they may they may observe and collaborate with each site's social responsibility or social justice teams, work with and encourage volunteers; and attend national and regional denominational and/or collegial gatherings as possible. The intern may have the opportunity to assist one or both congregations with a start up initiative dependent upon the intern's strengths and interests. The intern will be expected to write weekly reflection papers and engage in weekly theological reflection with the supervisor as well as meet regularly with the Internship Committee. A sensitivity and appreciation of the French population is important to the UUFO. 
Site Accessibility Accessible 
Application Procedure Please email to Rev. Patricia Guthmann Haresch ( a resume, two sermons (recording preferred, transcript accepted), three reference letters, a copy of CPE certificate of completion or letter from CPE supervisor indicating anticipated program completion date. Preference will be given to those who have completed CPE before Fall 2020 and those who have graduated or may be in their last year of seminary by Fall 2020.  
Additional Notes Please note: First U has 380 members and the Fellowship has 75 members 
Application Deadline January 10 or until posit 
Selection Date Jan. 29 or until filled 

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